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1953 - 2012


Dianne Henderson taught children literature for many years as a substitute teacher after graduating from Ramsey High School in 1971. She later devoted her time homeschooling her two daughters.

It was in 2005, her first book was released followed by three more publications. She continued to write and was working on the 5th and final book in the series up to her passing in 2012.

Dianne is always remembered for her love of her family, animals, reading, a good mystery and having fun.

To continue her legacy, I wish to re-publish her mystery series and finish the last book. If you desire to help, I am taking donations though PayPal. All funds will go towards to re-publishing expenses and as a personal thank you, all donors will receive copies at no cost.

If you can contribute, it will be greatly appreciated! If you can’t, I still appreciate every single reader, fan and individual taking the time to check out my or my mom’s work. I will continue to work hard to give you the best content I can. Share, Like and Subscribe for everything involving us.

Thank you so much and much love,


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By Dianne Henderson

Get to know each book in this great series and see what your pledges will be going towards.

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Señor Salvador Sanchez, An immigrant from Mexico, successfully builds an empire in the oil business. He is well respected and loved by his friends, family, and colleagues, but he has a secret life filled with lies and deception.

After his death, the web of lies and deceit of Señor Sanchez surfaces to bring chaos and danger to his family, especially his granddaughter, Anna. She does not know, but she has been chosen to repay her grandfather’s debt, even if it means her life.

Anna and her best friend, Karen, find themselves in the middle of a plot for revenge as a result of her grandfather’s illegal dealings¾ a plot which turns the quiet town of Plains, Georgia, upside down and nearly cause the destruction of the Sanchez family.

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Karen Westler has lived in Plains, Georgia, ever since she can remember, but that is about to change. She doesn’t know, but soon she will have to leave her home and the people she loves and be forced to live in a dreadful, eerie old mansion.

It does not take her long before she realizes there is something very strange about the old house; feelings of someone watching her, strange voices, and bizarre dreams make her soon believe the house has a terrible secret.

Will Karen be able to reveal what happened so long ago, or will they fall prey to the house before they can uncover what lurks within “The Frightening Old Mansion?”

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Jason Miller had been an investigative reporter for the newspaper the Tribune for the past twelve years. He is used to trouble turning up, and on many occasions, he has even faced danger, but nothing has ever prepared him for what he and the town are about to face.

Will Jason and his boss, Edward Franks, be able to unveil who is responsible for the series of terrifying events, or will the crazed visitor who has come to the quiet town of Plains, Georgia, be successful in claiming a next victim?  

"A riveting thriller that will pull you into a nightmare of lost dreams, deadly betrayals, and cunning deceptions."

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For many years, Jason Miller has lived and worked in Plains, GA.  Even though he is not usually affected by the pressures of his job, the past year has been extraordinarily difficult.  To escape the stress of the past year, he decides to take a leave of absence from the Tribune and take a vacation down the Plains River with his family and friends on his new riverboat.

Jason and his party meet a strange old man, who tells them of a mysterious river legend and warns them about the dangers of the river.

Unknown to them, their relaxing vacation will soon turn into a nightmare filled with danger, and will find an unexplainable murder on their hands.



*Unfinished project*

Jason Miller is sent on the biggest story of his life yet, right in the middle of a war zone.

Meanwhile on the Homefront, Anna, Karen, Franks and the occupants of the small town of Plans, GA face yet another threat with some old faces reemerging.  

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